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July 2008, Masako's Official Blog is now up!

Hello folks, the wait is over ! Masako's official blog is now up ! While most of content is in Japanese so far, you will find (or feel, at least) Masako's most recent news, joy and excitement that can hardly be covered in this site. Or, you can enjoy relaxed text conversation with her.



Aug 2007, Such A Crazy Weather...

How have you all been? It has been extremely hot this summer in Japan, and for me, joining "There is the Time" tour made me even more heated up. The tour started from Osaka, and went on the road to Matsumoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. I want to heartily thank all who came to attend the concerts.

In the tour, there were two different programs. It required me to keep certain concentration, because while in a program I sang solely Mr. Joe Hisaishi's songs, in the other I had to perform rock music (like "Stairway to Heaven" from my CD, Fantasma Vol. II) as well as "Ride of the Valkyries" of Richard Wagner! I tried my best, but frankly, still I wish I could get the chance to start the tour all over again! Surely it would sound so much better.

I will come back to Japan in October to work on purely classical music this time (!). I have a joint-recital with two amazing soprano singers in Tokyo and Nagoya, and then I will perform Mahler’s ‘Auferstehung’ with the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra. Mahler is one of my favorite composers, so I am really excited about it. If I get to see you there or somewhere, even better!

We are having crazy weather. Please take care of yourself !


Aug 2007, "TOKYO ART PATROL" internet magazine

"TOKYO ART PATROL" major internet art magazine with Naoki Tachikawa as editor in chief featured an article (in Japanese) for Joe Hisahishi & New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra's concert in Matsumoto, where Masako appeared as guest performer.

July 2007, "Evening of Arias" at Kamikochi

It has been forever since I uploaded my last message. How have you all been? It's already summer again, and I’ve kept wandering about one place to another.

On July 30, I sang for the concert "Evening of Arias" in Kamikochi (remote mountainous highland in Nagano Prefecture). A simple stage with a black grand piano was set at the bank of Azusa River that runs through mountains. At stage, I usually sing toward darkness with all the audience seat lights being off. This time, I could sing even seeing mountain ridges ! So amazing!

After I got back to Geneva, I went to Avignon for weekend to experience performance of actors from across the globe at "Festival d'Avignon", annual theater art festival then ongoing. What I saw among others was many performers handing out their leaflet by themselves before their stage began. Thinking about myself, I have never even stepped outside of theater before performing... It made me realize with emotion how much I have been supported and protected.

In August, I will be back to Japan to join "There is the Time" tour of Mr. Joe Hisaishi & New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra as guest performer. Mr. Hisaishi is one of the greatest composers in Japan and his works are known worldwide especially for film music. You should certainly have listened to his music through the films of Hayao Miyazaki or Takeshi Kitano! Mr. Hisaishi will be the conductor and also play the piano for the tour. Various numbers from classic & pop music are lined up for the program, and I'm sure it will offer you a fantastic moment ! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!



July 2007, "TOKYO ART PATROL" internet magazine

Masako appeared in blog section of "TOKYO ART PATROL" major internet art magazine with Naoki Tachikawa as editor in chief.

October 2006, "Sankei EXpress" Newspaper Column

October 17 issue of Japanese Newspaper "Sankei Express" featured Masako. The article is composed based on Masako's interview, where she told of her college days memories. Click the image above to view an larger version in a separate window.

May 2006, "Russell Watson Golden Voice"

I joined Russell Watson's Japan tour 2006 "Russell Watson -Golden Voice-" as guest performer on May 18, 20, and 23. Everything was really new to me, and I was kind of confused! I thank Russell and the staff for their warm support which helped me so much.

The night before the tour began, I attended "Save the Children Charity Gala Concert" with Russell, and we had the honor of singing before the Emperor Hirohito and the Empress Michiko. It also happened to be my first experience to use a microphone (an opera singer doesn't use it !) and sing a non-opera song before a large audience. Lots of dizzying, but amazing experiences every day !

Thank you for all who came to see Russell and me to the concert. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Love, Masako
<photo © Shinya Watabe>