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From Masako Hayashi

Hello! I'm Masako Hayashi.

I am a bit puzzled how I can introduce myself to you. I simply have been describing myself as an opera singer. Things are changing, though, as I recently released my first album entitled "Fantasma II", in which I sing some of rock masterpieces of 60's and 70's, backed by orchestra !

I have always been in the world of classical music ever since I can remember, and my close encounter of another kind was just exciting to me. I believe stronger than ever that music has no boundaries !

How can I explain what I'm feeling now ? I'm feeling just like a captain before his first voyage, a bear that has waken up after a long winter sleep (!?) or rather, a little girl on her first day of school, standing under cherry trees... My heart beats in excitement, and a little bit of anxiousness, for what lies in front of me.

I'll be happy if you give a listen to my album that was released when cherry trees were in full blossom in Japan, and hope one day we will meet at a concert or a theater somewhere in the world. That would be really fantastic !

From Kaori Ekuni, Author

So impressed ! A fine view. Fresh air of outside. A spiritual picnic !
Breezes graze my hair. The scent of grass sensually tickles my heart. Sunshine sprinkles impeccably. It's a sumptuous music, just like a glass of champagne in the afternoon.

From Yoshie Inaba, Fashion Designer

Masako Hayashi singing rock classics - this attempt is an undoubted success.
Masako's impressive performance has made my songs of memories - in my 30's and 40's - even sweeter and more beautiful. I definitely love this album. Congratulations on this new experiment that turned out to be fabulous !

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